M3 Samsung

Samsung Design Europe 2013

The Bluetooth speaker market in 2012 was dominated by clone lookalike mediocre sound quality products. In order to make an impact Samsung needed to differentiate not only in form but performance.

SDE proposals were focused on the age-old adage of ‘form follows function’ in this case creating the perfect sound enclosure. In order to do this SDE employed an industry expert Laurence Dickie (B&W/Vivid Audio) in the generation of audio sound at the inception of the project.

We identified that creating two separated enclosures within one form, giving each a passive radiator and a driver created true stereo sound separation. Bouncing sound waves off the walls especially the corners to boosting bass reflex created the triangular form. Cleaver electronics added the feature of user optimisation for different speaker location, corner, open space and outside etc.

Although this final design was produced by head office, SDE’s sound design principles were employed.


  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.