is830 Optimec

Jam Sandwich 2016

The is830 brings laser digital technology to a predominately analogue industry, measuring the quality of manufactured contact lenses via a saline bath.

Back in March 2015 Jam Sandwich was approached by the ‘Design Council’ and worked with one of their Design Associates, Ellis Pitt, to define and deliver a new product introduction opportunity to help grow a niche British manufacturing company. Ellis had an idea to introduce Optimec to an external design resource. Optimec Ltd a UK company was founded in 1979 and had become a world leader in the provision of inspection and measurement instrumentation for contact lens.

It was far to say that although development and innovation is constant at Optimec, brand, product architecture and usability were hampered by a dated offering. Optimec were developing a game changing new instrument but needed help.
Jam Sandwich was brought onboard to deliver accelerated and breakthrough business and organisational performance using design and innovation methodologies. Jam clarified the client’s brand essence (their why, how, and what) and brand promise going beyond the visual, exploring how the brand could be expressed through interaction/behavior, physical objects & spaces.

Jam delivered to Optimec a true user centric design solution complete with a new product, product language, a fresh rebranding and more importantly a new start building on a great heritage.

Towards the end of 2016 the is830 was successfully launched and systems have been installed in the UK, EU and the USA.


  • Optimec Ltd


  • Creativepool
  • Annual winner 2017